Pink Thoughts & Espresso Shots: Iowa State Fair Edition

My summer is officially coming to a close but I can check the Iowa State Fair off my to do list. My family and I made it there last Saturday. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. Going on a Saturday was a little crazy. I think from now on I’ll continue my past tradition of going on a weekday.

This was my daughter’s first Iowa State Fair and she loved it, like mother like daughter. It’s almost better experiencing things you love through your children. ❤️ Our first stop of the day was the petting zoo and Little Hands on the Farm. This was a first for me and even though I got peed on (long story) and felt like I was standing on the surface of the sun it was a good time.

Another first this year was “The Big Slide.” Just to be clear, I love heights. But climbing to the top of that slide and feeling it sway ever so slightly is stomach dropping. But the ride down is worth it and so is hearing your daughter laugh. So naturally we went twice. Our next stop was the cattle, horses, sheep, and swine. So many animals, people, and smells. It’s really something to behold. We managed to see the Big Boar… damnnn son…. that guy was huge!!

​Clearly, by this point we had worked up an appetite. So we did what people at the fair do best–EAT.  We had mini donuts and garlic cheese curds!!!! Soooo yummy!!!! Yes, we ate other things. No shame in my fair food game. There was so many new foods this year like apple tacos, cookie dough, churro fries, and the Pork Almighty. Just to name a few.

I know right.

Food is the best.


We stopped at the Bill Riley Talent show and watched some talented young Iowans sing, dance, and do some Yo-Yo tricks!! So cool. Ella loved it and started showing people her dance moves. I guess once you feel the rhythm there is no looking back. She got that from her mama…2 Legit to Quit….Hey..Hey -did you just sing that in your head??? Me too.


After Ella’s performance, we headed to the Varied Industries building to check out the Balloon Farm exhibit and what the vendors had to offer. This balloon situation was crazy cool. A picture does not do it justice but I snapped a few anyway. We also picked up a Hawkeye Football poster (a must have) and Ella got a sweet Hawkeye tattoo.

And then came nap time. For mama this meant eating ice cream and people watching. I could spend hours doing that… is it just me??? I love to do this anyplace but the fair is on a whole different level.


Last, but definitely not least, we hit the rides. They had a really cool system this year where you purchased a bracelet that had a small tag on it and you were able to reload credits for rides to the bracelet via an app on your smart phone!!  This worked perfectly and eliminated the waste and nuisance of tickets!! Also, the new location for the little kid rides was great. Ella and I enjoyed a selfie on the Ferris Wheel 🎡

I’ll leave you with some –Fair Tips of Advice:

1. Go to the Fair on a weekday. Seems less hectic and crowded. (My opinion)

2. Go down the Big Slide it sways a little…but it’s a good time.

3. Garlic Cheese curds always say YES.

4. Try something new every year. Step out of your comfort zone. You will thank yourself.

5. Bring extra clothes in case your toddler pees on you. Oh wait..maybe that’s just for me.

6. Check out all the animals!!! So much hard work and dedication goes into those animals it’s truly amazing.

7. If you haven’t been to the Fair for a couple of years I would encourage you to go and check it out. So much has been done to enhance the Fairgrounds and it’s something, as Iowans, we should be proud of.

Pink Thoughts & Espresso Shots 💗

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