self  Welcome to Pink Thoughts & Espresso Shots!  This site is a mixture of Midwest living and fashion. I just decided that it was time to do something I felt passionate about (insert cheesy groan… followed by an eye roll). But for real…I do not claim to know everything about fashion or have a bottomless check book (I have no clue how people afford these amazing bags, shoes, and clothing they post about all day long on instagram – #imjealous). Nor, am I the poster child for a Midwest lifestyle. I simply wanted to share some of my life and likes with all of you in hopes that you will also share yours with me!!

My credentials go as follows: I am a wife and mama of a beautiful girl named, Ella. I currently work a full time job, which is a blessing, but I have always hoped that there may be more to this life then my 9-5. The thing is you have to actually make a plan and not just dream about it all day.. so here we are!! I hope that everyone enjoys the blog and that it inspires people to do what they are passionate about.. even if you are not an expert:)