Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Greetings Friends!!

I have been very negligent in getting any posts up lately. My reason: Pregnancy. Is it a good reason? I think so. 😉 I’m on the home stretch with my due date being August 9th (I’m hoping and praying for sooner.) This is my second baby and while I know a little of what to expect I’m still nervous. That’s normal right?? If you have any 2nd baby tips let me know.

Getting back on topic—Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!! Do you shop at Nordstrom? I started buying online from Nordstrom probably 3 years ago. I wish I could shop in a brick and mortar but I live in Iowa, so online it is. I do acknowledge that some items at Nordstrom are at a higher price point but if you can get some items at the Anniversary Sale it’s a great deal!

I knew nothing about this sale 3 years ago. It’s quite the ordeal in the blogging/influencer world. The sale is open to certain card members as follows:

I will say this early access part has its pro’s and con’s. If you hold a higher status you get first dibs which is great for you..not so great for everyone else. What happens is that by the time the sale is open to you things are sold out. So if you do plan on shopping the sale make sure to look ahead and know exactly what you want so you can pick it up quickly. No room for hesitation friends!!

I started looking a few weeks ago and I’ve narrowed down the items I am going to try to snag. These items are at a little higher price point but are good quality and you won’t regret your purchase!!

Here are my NSale picks —

Felt Panama Hat-
BaubleBar Two Toned Necklace-
Steve Madden Cedar Bootie-
North Face hooded fleece coat-
Dakota color block Cardigan –
Bauble Bar bracelets-

Pink Thoughts & Espresso Shots 💕☕️

Disclaimer: This writer created this blog post on my opinion and my clothing picks. The photos in this post are taken from the Nordstrom website. The links in this this are commissioned links with Shopstyle Collective meaning if you click on a link or chose to purchase something this writer will receive a small commission from the advertiser at no additional cost to you.

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