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Hello Friends!!

There has been so much going on around here that I didn’t get a blog post up last month.  I am making sure I get my May blog post in and right back out to you all!!

If you have been following along on my IG stories you know that we have started work on finishing our basement. And by “we” I mean we hired Andy, who owns Bear Building Company, LLC. Check him out on Facebook!! We are a couple weeks in and I am so  pleased with the work and progress.  I have been looking and focusing on all things basement including carpet, paint, fixtures, and decor. To say we are excited about this project is an understatement. We are so looking forward to having more space!!

Also, with summer around the corner I have been signing Ella up for swim lessons, tumble tots, and getting ready for her dance recital. It doesn’t seem possible? I mean just yesterday she was a baby who only wanted to be held and had her days and nights mixed up. However, in thinking about my level of sleep depravation back then I’m ok with her being old enough to do these things. LOL

With life being busy it made me think about some “essentials” in life. And by essentials I mean the gadgets and products that make my life easier or that I wouldn’t want to go without. So I wanted to share… because it’s my blog and I can.


First up, my Chi Spin & Curl. I have always struggled to curl my hair. I had honestly given up. I was satisfied with my hair stylist doing it when I would go in to get my hair done every three months.  Then one day I came across the Chi online and the reviews were all fantastic so I thought what do I have to lose? This tool has been a game changer for me. I’m able to curl my hair in less than 20 minutes and it looks amazing!! It has different heat and time settings to match anyone’s hair type. I highly recommend this to anyone who struggles to curl their own hair.


Link –


Next up, Beautycounter products. If you have never heard of this company check it out here:

I did a blog post early on in my blogging career about Beautycounter and their mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone. The health and beauty industry is not as regulated as one would believe. Unfortunately, what I was buying at my local store or makeup counter was full of chemicals and questionable ingredients. It’s one thing when that happens to me but it’s another thing to use some of those products on my daughter.

I have been using Beautycounter makeup and face wash now for probably 3 years. I also use the kids bath collection for Ella and I love it!! I would not want to go without these products and feel even better knowing they are safe.



This year for my birthday my thoughtful co-workers bought me an Ember mug! It has been so wonderful. I get to pick my desired temperature and my coffee stays warm!! Where was this when Ella was a newborn?? If you ever get pulled away from your coffee or tea and come back and it’s cold this is the mug for you! If having this is wrong I don’t want to be right.










Link –


In the past, I was never really one for perfume or body spray. But honestly, motherhood happened and I don’t shower everyday. #momlife

Queen Bee scent from Good Chemistry has been an essential for me on those no shower days. It’s sold at Target and they have it in body spray, perfume, and a rollerball. There are several scent options but Queen Bee is my favorite. It’s vegan and cruelty free!!!


Links : Body Spray-


Rollerball –


Last, but not least is our Nespresso. My husband and I use this almost everyday. It’s an investment but in the end it has saved us some money. I love getting coffee at a coffee shop but it can get expensive to do that daily. This has been a great machine and I have nothing but good things to say about it. ☕️💕 Coffee is for sure an essential in my book.











Let me know what your “essentials” are in life.

There’s really no wrong answer on this one. 🙂

As always, thanks for following along and being here with me on this journey.

Pink Thoughts & Espresso Thoughts 💕

Disclaimer: This writer has created this blog post based on my opinion and my picks. The links in this post are commissioned links with Shopstyle Collective meaning if you click on a link or chose to purchase something this writer will receive a small commission from the advertiser at no additional cost to you.  The Chi Spin and Curl photo is from Shopstyle Collective and the Beautycounter Kids collection is from Beautycounter stock photos.      This writer has the rights to all other photos in this blog. 

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