Styling Overalls

Since overalls were introduced in the 1750’s they have gone from exclusively work wear to casual wear. You either love them or you hate them. Well for me, its love. When I saw some of my favorite retailers carrying overalls I was overjoyed. So, as I promised on my Facebook page, I wanted to do a blog post about styling overalls. And maybe, just maybe, I can sway the non-believers. You can be an adult in your 30’s and still wear overalls. I promise. Let’s get started!

Classic Look: Pairing overalls with a solid colored long sleeve tee. Overalls already make a statement in general so if your feeling unsure about wearing them this is a good option to start with. Commissioned links ⬇️

Long Sleeved:

Overalls (limited sizes):



Sophisticated Look: This was a new styling try for me and I loved it! Black overalls are so popular this season. I wanted to give them a higher end look so I wore a chambray shirt & leopard flats. This will be a repeat outfit for me this winter.                 Commissioned Links ⬇️

Chambray shirt:

Black Overalls (similar):

Leopard flats ( similar):


Layered Look: I still regret not buying this floral cardigan. It was so lovely and the sleeves belled out in the perfect way. #regrets Layering overalls with a chunky floral or patterned cardigan helps to break up the overalls. It might even feel more “adult” to some of our skeptics out there who think overalls are for children.

Overalls (another style option):

Cardigan options:



Scarf Look: This might seem really simple but trust me. Adding a scarf can really take an outfit up a notch. This outfit below is a great example of that. Everything about it is a classic look but that scarf makes it stand out. It pulls it all together. This outfit would look lost without that scarf. Commissioned Links ⬇️

Black overall options:


Striped Look: Forgive me for this last photo. The mirror was small and the daylight was coming in like a mother… It’s one of my first styling attempts with overalls and it can’t be forgotten. This striped long sleeve shirt and scarf combo was perfect. I got so many compliments on this outfit. The boots also made it feel “dressier”.                    Commissioned Links ⬇️

Overalls( limited sizes):

Striped shirt (similar) :

Scarf (similar) :

Earrings : Nickel & Suede

I hope that was helpful and gives you some ideas on how to style overalls. I didn’t do any Spring/Summer outfits but know that is a possibility too!! A tank top and sandals are a great pairing with overalls. The options are endless!!

Pink Thoughts & Espresso Shots xoxo

Disclaimer: This writer has created this blog post based on my opinion and my clothing picks. The photos in this post are of this writer and taken by this writer. The links in this post are commissioned links with Shopstyle Collective meaning if you click on a link or chose to purchase something this writer will receive a small commission from the advertiser at no additional cost to you.

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