Top Five 

Hello Everyone!! I haven’t done a post in awhile and I’ll be honest I go back and forth on what to write about A LOT. I overthink things. It’s a blessing and a curse. I do have some exciting things coming your way in the next couple weeks!!! But for now, I thought I’d share some of the fashion styles I’m loving right now💗

1. Stripes & Florals

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this combination. Don’t be afraid to mix these patterns, within reason.(Some pattern mixing I see these days leaves me speechless. ) Anyway, give stripes and florals a try!! It’s a fun summer combo.

2. Basic w/POP of color

Throw on some black skinny jeans, grey v-neck tee, and fuschia flats. Or, maybe it’s white jeans, red shirt, and a turquoise necklace. The possibilities are endless. If you are like me you probably have the basics and just need to find those “statement pieces.” I found this necklace on Etsy and I love it. 

3. Cold Sholders 

So popular these days—don’t fight it. Just do it. I firmly believe this is a fashion trend that anyone can pull off. My opinion of course. There are dresses and shirts but either way I think it’s a win. Another bonus is these shirts stay in place – no fuss.  Sold. 

4. Shirts w/wording 
I love a good t-shirt and lucky for me they are trendy right now. I have a t-shirt that says            “Gangsta Rap Makes Me Feel Invincible.”  I also have one that says ” But First, Coffee.” This could not be more true. Does anyone else feel like they can’t function without a cup of coffee first??? This girl does. Any other mamas like Rap?? Haha😎

5. Wedges

I have never really been in love with wedges. But I was open minded and willing to give them a shot- everything deserves a second chance;) I found that I prefer the wedges that just have the wedge in the heel and not thru the toe. I recently found these Merona wedges at Target and they have been my go to lately. So cute and comfortable!! Comfort is key when you have a toddler. 

What are your fashion favorites right now? Tell me!!

Pink Thoughts & Espresso Shots💗

Disclaimer- All picks and thoughts are my own and I’m receiving no financial compensation

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