Take a Trip, Be Uncomfortable, Make Progress

If you’ve looked at my Instagram lately you may have noticed that I haven’t been in Iowa.  I had the honor of being invited to a dear friend’s wedding in California. And to sweeten the deal my friend, Lindsey, made the trip with me. It’s been awhile since I’ve left Iowa, been on a plane, and taken a girls trip. It’s was really nice to have some “me time”. Do I still feel guilty for doing it , yes, do I do it as often as I should, probably not. But I can tell when I do take time for myself everyone gets the best version of me. And frankly, that should be reason enough. So my first piece of advice ( if you are still reading) is take the trip, get a coffee, go work out, do whatever helps you recharge. You don’t have to be mother to do this either, everyone needs a break. Give yourself permission. I’m sure most already know this but I wanted to send out a friendly reminder.

Since I’ve started the blog I have been pretty focused on how to get it going and make it my own. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at other fashion/lifestyle blogs to try to learn more about blogging in general. I’ve also been working on my grammar and punctuation… sorry everyone it needs work.  I’ll fully admit to the fact that I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m enjoying myself. Which is really the whole point.

So, since I was going to be in California I thought I would have my friend take some photos of me on the beach. I mean it is a fashion blog so people might want to see some clothing. Sounds reasonable. However, I actually hate being photographed. Like on a scale of 1-10, I’m at a 12 on the hate-o-meter. Anyway, it happened and I survived.  The point I’m trying to make is-I’m not perfect. I don’t look like a model. My hair is frizzy. I’m awkward. I swear a lot (thankfully pictures have no audio). This was outside my comfort zone.  It’s tough to start a journey into something you know very little about (but want to be successful at) and not be critical of yourself. I’m glad I let my beautiful friend take my photos. I can move forward with these photos and hopefully improve. So my second piece of advice is give something a try and be uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is progress. It means you’re not settling, you’re moving forward. I assure you there is something out there more valuable than your comfort, it’s your dreams.  I do hope I find my “niche” with this blogging journey but until then I’ll just keep moving the pieces around and enjoy my time. 

Pink Thoughts & Espresso Shots xoxoxo
Disclaimer- these are my own thoughts and opinions. I’m receiving no financial compensation.

Photo Credit: Lindsey- follow her on Instagram @ http://instagram.com/greenelens


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