Summer Trends

Hello Everyone!!

It’s the last day of June( I can’t believe it) and summer is in full swing!! I celebrated the official start to summer on a downtown patio with some drinks and my favorite gal pals. It was amazing, other than the fact that it rained most of the day. Luckily the patio was covered!! We have had a lot of rain in the Midwest and while the homeowner in me appreciates not paying to water my lawn I hope we get a break soon. How is the weather where you live?

With the change of seasons from spring to summer I wanted to do a blog post about summer trends. While I don’t always jump on the trendy bandwagon there are some items that I am really loving this summer. Trends are not for everyone and I fully support people wearing what they feel good in. #doyou  Also, if you’re a saver it’s not cost effect to run around getting every latest trend. But take a look at some of my picks and maybe you will find something that strikes your fancy. Either way it’s fun to look!!

  • Striped pants –  This season stripes are not just for shirts. I have seen several linen blend pant options and I am very tempted to give this a shot. Linen can be a forgiving fabric so if you are thicker on the bottom (like myself) don’t think you can’t wear stripes on the bottom. Embrace the booty. Stripes for days:

Top Left to Right:

Bottom Left to Right:

  • Jumpsuits– I have seen so many jumpsuits/rompers that I am positive it is must for  summer. I feel like jumpsuits are like overhauls, you are either in or you are way way out. Which I totally respect. You will see that the stripes theme seems to fall into this catergory as well. Two for one. Jumpsuits would be a great alternative to a dress at a summer wedding. However, not great for going to the bathroom but that’s the price you pay for fashion. LOL  My picks for jumpsuits:

Top Left to Right:

Bottom Left to Right:

  • Straw Bags–  Straw bags have made a huge appearance this summer. Especially the circle design. I have seen these paired with striped pants and jumpsuits and it is the cutest!! However, I don’t think I will be getting one for myself.  But don’t let me stop you!! Here are some bag options:

Top Left to Right:

Bottom Left to Right:

  • Knotted Front Shirts– This is a trend that you could pull off without buying anything. If you have a longer shirt you could try to knot it to one side or if you have a kimono you could knot it in the front for a different look. I purchased a knotted top from Old Navy (bottom right pic) and I really love it. I have been searching for a knotted striped tank so you may see me in one in the upcoming days!! Knotted shirt selections:

Top Left to Right:

Bottom Left to Right:

  • Kimono– I have two kimonos and I generally wear them with jean shorts and a basic tee. It’s a fast (and comfy) way to change a basic outfit into something you could wear to a concert or date night. There is so many styles and designs I think that anyone could get on board with this trend. In addition, I think it’s a style that will be here to stay for awhile. Kimono picks:

Top Left to Right:

Bottom Left to Right:

As always, thank you for stopping by and checking out the blog. I appreciate the support and I hope you find it enjoyable and helpful!!

Cheers to summertime and sunshine and living our best life!!


Pink Thoughts & Espresso Shots

Disclaimer: This writer has created this blog post of summer trends based on my opinion. The photos in this post are from Shopstyle Collective, with whom this writer is an affiliate. The links in this post are commissioned links meaning that if you click on a link or chose to purchase something this writer will receive a small commission from the advertiser at no additional cost to you. 

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